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GEO-KIVE: Art Market


Our first art market surrounding the theme of earth, nature, and sustainability. Guided by KIVE’s artists – DJ sets, live music performer Seb Owens, popup portrait photography by Melancholypimp, along with a variety of digital visuals, clothing + jewellery designs and ceramics. Visitors shopped sustainably sourced and enjoyed sounds and conversation in a piece of the outdoors we brought into our space.

The KIVE lounge, a recurring centerpiece, plays an essential role in our events, serving as a catalyst for facilitating discourse among both friends and strangers. In alignment with our sustainability theme, we were fortunate to receive a donation of damaged or worn-out plants from Mickey Hargitay's Plant nursery, allowing us the opportunity to rejuvenate greenery that otherwise would have been discarded. This, in conjunction with Kenzo's 3D visual installation entitled "Symbiosis Interface," played an indispensable role in creating an ecosystem synthesising the virtual domain with the terrestrial sphere of our planet earth.


Biophilic 2.0: Urban Eden


©KIVE 2024

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